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The 4x10 Bassman was dropped in 1960 and superceded in 1961 by a completely redesigned Bassman Amp with a piggyback configuration. The first circuit (6G6) was a 40-watt, tube rectified model mated to a 30" wide 1x12" tone ring cab. This was very short-lived, rare model made for 9 months that gave way to the 6G6-A with solid state rectifier and 32" wide 2x12 speaker cabinet.  The 6G6-A is even more rare than the 6G6 as it was only made for 3 months.  The sealed speaker enclosure certainly improved the Bassman's ability as a bass guitar amplifier, however, the circuit was still a high gain design better suited for guitar than bass.  The earliest 6G6-A Bassman amps, such as the one shown here, were fitted with leftover 8-ohm output transformers from 6G6 production.  This resulted in an impedance mismatch between the 8-ohm output transformer and the 4-ohm speaker cabinet.  Even more surprising is that this amp acutally has the 6G6 circuit, not 6G6-A, but has solid state rectification.  It also has a 30" 2x12 speaker cabinet.  Very transitional!

FENDER BASSMAN AMP 6G6-A (January 1962)


Power Amp:
Tube; 2 x 5881, 40 watts RMS @ 4 ohms

Preamp: Tube; 2 x 12AX7, 2 x 7025

Rectifier: Solid state; silicon diode

Speakers: 2 x 12" Oxford 12M6-1

Channels: 2 (Bass, Normal); 2 inputs per channel

Effects: None

Controls: Bass - volume, bass, treble; Normal - volume, bass, treble

Head Dimensions: 8 H x 22 1/4 W x 9 D inches

Speaker Cabinet Dimensions: 21 H x 32 W x 11 1/2 D inches

Total Weight: n/a

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