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The 6G6-B Bassman is the most common of the piggyback Bassman amps.  The Bassman worked well as a bass amp at low volumes, but distorted excessively at medium to high volume. It could not compete with its contemporary bass amps, the Ampeg B-15N and B-18N. Guitarists, on the other hand loved the Bassman's tone for guitar and it was not uncommon to guitarists using Bassman amps and bassists using Showman or Dual Showman amps. The latter two models, ironically, were intended to be guitar amps, but bassists enjoyed them since they had more headroom and better bass response thanks in part to their JBL D-130F speakers and 80-watt power rating. The blonde Bassman amp remains popular today with guitarists and is a favorite of Brian Setzer.



Power Amp: Tube; 2 x 5881, 40 watts RMS @ 4 ohms

Preamp: Tube; 2 x 12AX7, 2 x 7025

Rectifier: Solid state; silicon diode

Speakers: 2 x 12" Jensen C12N

Channels: 2 (Bass, Normal); 2 inputs per channel

Effects: None

Controls: Bass - volume, bass, treble; Normal - volume, bass, treble

Head Dimensions: 8 H x 22 1/4 W x 9 D inches

Speaker Cabinet Dimensions: 21 H x 32 W x 11 1/2 D inches

Total Weight: n/a

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