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Harry Joyce has been building electronics for over 50 years. He was taught military spec construction as a boy by a couple of Americans during WWII. He introduced that method to guitar amplifiers when he was contracted to build Hiwatt amps for Dave Reeves in the 60's and 70's until Reeves' untimely death in 1981.  In 1993 Harry was urged to end his retirement and once again lend his skills to the world of guitar amplifiers.  Starting where he left off, he made many improvements to the Mullard circuit-based Hiwatt amps he had made two decades ago; resolving known service issues, adding an extra gain stage, improving the tonal palette, redesigning the transformers for improved sound and efficiency, changing the layout for improved signal to noise ratio, and implementing a useful effects loop.


Power Amp:  Tube; 2 x EL34, 30 watts RMS @ 16 ohms

Preamp:  Tube; 4 x ECC83

Rectifier:  Solid state

Speakers:  1 x 12" Celestion Vintage 30

Channels:  2 (Normal, Brilliant); 2 inputs per channel

Effects: None

Controls:  Bass, treble, middle, presence, volume for each channel, master volume

Dimensions:  n/a

Weight:  n/a

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