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Like G&L's L-1000 bass, the L-2000 was given a face lift in late 1982. The one-piece neck with skunk stripe was abandoned and a redesigned two-piece maple neck with a more oval profile was introduced. The headstock was given an added curve to make it more distinguishable from “other” brands thus avoiding lawsuits from CBS-Fender Musical Instruments. The body was given a deeper back contour and the hardware was finished with black crinkle lacquer. However, the electronics remained the same. At this time, G&L also began to offer their instruments in a wider variety of colors in addition to the standard natural and sunburst finishes. This bass was originally white, but the lacquer has faded to a cream hue which is not unusual. Until the late 1990s, the L-2000 remained mostly unaltered in the G&L line-up.  The change to rear-loaded controls took place by 1988, a satin finish neck became standard in 1992, and the 3-bolt neck gave way to a 6-bolt design around 1995-96.

G&L L-2000 BASS (May 1983)

Body: Solid; ash

Finish: White, polyester

Neck: 2-piece maple, bolt-on

Fingerboard: Rosewood; pearloid dot markers

Number of Frets: 21

Pickguard: None

Bridge: G&L Locktight, black crinkle powder coat

Nut: Plastic

Tuners: G&L/Schaller, open, chrome

Pickups: Two, G&L Magnetic Field Design humbucking with adjustable pole pieces, active/passive

Controls: Master volume; bass and treble controls; series/parallel selector, 3-way pickup selector, passive/active/active treble boost selector

Scale Length: 34 inches

Neck Width at Nut: 1 11/16 inches

Body Width at Lower Bout: 13 inches

Body Depth: 1 5/8 inches

Weight: 10.6 lb.

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