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When CLF and Music Man parted ways in 1980, Leo Fender, along with his long time associate George Fullerton, started the G&L company (up to 1986 G&L stood for “George and Leo”). Fullerton worked with Fender in the early days of the Fender company in the 50's and assisted with the development of such guitars as the Telecaster and Stratocaster. Fullerton left G&L in 1986 at which time G&L became the acronym for “Guitars by Leo.” G&L is known for its high quality, handmade guitars and basses that utilize innovative design and technology. After Leo Fender's death, G&L was sold to BBE Inc. which continues to make guitars in the tradition of its founder. The L-2000 was the second bass model designed by Leo at G&L and was introduced in 1981. It was essentially a two pickup version of the L-1000 and was available with passive electronics (L-2000) or active electronics (L-2000E). By 1982, the L-2000 was offered only with active electronics since this feature was very popular with bassists. Unlike the active electronics on Leo’s Music Man basses, his G&L basses allowed for passive operation as well. The result is an extremely flexible tonal range produced by single coil or humbucking pickups operated in active or passive mode. The bass shown here sports some early features found on G&Ls. It has the old style headstock and neck with “skunk stripe.” The stripe is a piece of walnut that is used to fill the channel routed in the back of the neck for truss rod installation. This is usually how a truss rod is installed on a one-piece maple neck. However, it is very uncommon on a neck with a rosewood or ebony fingerboard since the truss rod can be installed from the front without routing, before the fingerboard is glued to the neck. This method of neck construction is a direct carry over from Leo’s days at Music Man. The control plate and bridge on this bass are chrome plated which is another distinguishing feature found on G&Ls made between 1980 and late 1981.

G&L L-2000E BASS (April 1981)

Body: Solid; 2-piece maple

Finish: Candy Apple Red, nitrocellulose lacquer

Neck: 1-piece maple, bolt-on

Fingerboard: Rosewood

Number of Frets: 21

Pickguard: None

Bridge: G&L Locktight, chrome

Nut: Plastic

Tuners: Schaller, open, chrome

Pickups: Two, G&L Magnetic Field Design humbucking with adjustable pole pieces, active/passive

Controls: Master volume; bass and treble controls; single coil/humbucking selector, 3-way pickup selector, passive/active/active with treble boost selector

Scale Length: 34 inches

Neck Width at Nut: 1 11/16 inches

Body Width at Lower Bout: 13 inches

Body Depth: 1 5/8 inches

Weight: 10.1 lb.

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