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Introduced in November 1992, the Legacy Bass was one of the first non-Leo Fender designed basses produced by G&L. The design reflects the public’s demand for traditional style bass guitars and its moniker is a tribute to Leo’s legacy, the Precision Bass. The Legacy uses a non-G&L pickup made by Gotoh (Japan).  Unlike the name change ploy used several years earlier with the Broadcaster, G&L was obliged to change the name of the Legacy Bass in late 1993 due to trademark infringement. The Zon company, makers of high-end bass guitars, had been using the Legacy name for a series of its basses since 1981, so G&L changed the name from Legacy Bass to LB-100. The Legacy Bass and LB-100 basses are identical, but the ones wearing the "Legacy Bass" decal are fairly uncommon due to the short production run. This Legacy Bass is one of the earliest made, dated January 1993, and features a non-standard (but factory installed) Kent Armstrong Vintage P-Bass pickup. The finish used on this bass was a prototype color (translucent orange) that was used on just a few Legacy guitars and basses in early 1993. This color was developed during the search for G&L’s “honey” custom color which is still available today.  The transluscent orange is reminiscent of Gretsch's "Western Orange" and G&L added this color, now called Clear Orange, to its line around 1995.

G&L LEGACY BASS (January 1993)

Body:  Solid; 2-piece ash

Finish:  Transparent Orange, polyurethane

Neck:  2-piece maple, bolt-on

Fingerboard:  Rosewood; pearloid dot markers

Number of Frets:  21

Pickguard:  None

Bridge:  G&L Saddle-Lock, chrome

Nut:  Plastic

Tuners:  Schaller, open, chrome

Pickups:  One, Kent Armstrong Vintage P-Bass, non-adjustable pole pieces

Controls:  Volume and tone

Scale Length:  34 inches

Neck Width at Nut:  1 3/4 inches

Body Width at Lower Bout:  13 inches

Body Depth:  1 5/8 inches

Weight:  9.2 lbs

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