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Magnatone.  The amp of choice for Buddy Holly and Robert Cray.  These amps are sought for their clean tone, bluesy overdrive and true vibrato.  The reverb models, such as this Model 450, have very lush sounding reverberation very similar to that of early and mid-1960s Ampeg amps.


Power Amp:  Tube; 2 x 6973, 20 watts RMS @ 8 ohms

Preamp:  Tube; 1 x 6DR7, 1 x 12DW7, 2 x 6EU7, 2 x 6CG7

Rectifier:  Tube; 1 x 6CA4

Speakers:  1 x 12" Oxford 12KP5 (alnico) plus a 5" x  9" Oxford alnico tweeter with passive crossover

Channels:  2 with 2 inputs per channel (Normal and Bright) plus stereo input

Effects:  Vibrato, Reverb

Controls:  Ttone, volume, reverb depth, vibrato speed, vibrato intensity

Dimensions:  n/a

Weight:  n/a

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