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The Ampeg R-15-R was introduced under the Supereverb moniker in late 1963. However, Fender Electric Instruments had an amp model called the Super Reverb and so they requested Ampeg to cease using that name. Ampeg complied and by the middle of 1964, the name was changed to Superbreverb. The Superbreverb has a circuit that is very similar to the R-12-R-B Reverberocket, except that the former has a 15 inch speaker. As would be expected, the R-15-R sounds similar to the Reverberocket, but has a fuller sound with more bottom end. The Superbreverb is well suited for rock, jazz, and blues so it is surprising that it was only made for a period of about one year. It could very well be that Ampeg dropped the R-15-R in deference to its other 1x15 reverb combo amp, the Gemini II, which debuted in 1965.


Power Amp: Tube; 2 x 7591A, 25 watts RMS @ 8 ohms

Preamp: Tube; 3 x 6SL7, 1 x 7025

Rectifier: Solid state

Speakers: 1 x 15" CTS (square ceramic magnet)

Channels: 1; 3 inputs per channel (Guitar, Accordion, Microphone)

Effects: Tremolo, reverb

Controls: Volume, tone, reverb intensity, tremolo intensity, tremolo depth, foot switch for tremolo and reverb

Dimensions: 21 H x 201/2 W x 12 D inches

Weight: 40 lb.

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