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In 1993, Fender reissued the tube reverb unit in three styles to match the three styles of vintage Fender amps from the early 1960s. These included black tolex with silver sparkle grill (1963-1967), brown tolex with wheat grill (1960-63), and blonde with oxblood grill (1961-64). Since all three cosmetic styles were available concurrently in 1963, Fender chose to call the Reverb Unit a '63 Reissue. The same circuit (6G15) was employed, but using modern wave soldered printed circuit board construction and with a Russian made 6V6GT in place of the original’s 6K6GT. Despite using the same cirucuit, the reissue unit did not sound exactly the same as the original. A slight modification to the tone circuit (changing the value of a single capacitor), and replacing the 6V6GT with a 6K6GT yields a much more authentic sound.


Power Amp:  Tube; 1 x 6V6GT

Preamp:  Tube; 1 x 12AX7, 1 x 12AT7

Rectifier:  Solid state

Speakers:  None

Channels:  1

Effects:  Reverb (duh!)

Controls:  Mix, tone, dwell

Dimensions:  same as the original Reverb unit

Weight:  n/a

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